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Rotary Club 2008/9

Water and Sanitation Project, Kerla

The tiny state of Kerala in the southern tip of India is known as 'God's own Country'. Rotary has an increasing presence in the area and their current work includes a much needed water and sanitation project.

District Governor George Mathew writes:
The district has enormous problems with waterborne diseases among children and lack of sanitation. To control solid waste, mainly organic waste produced in the kitchen, it has to be removed at source from each and every house. In Bangalore, an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) has developed a composting scheme which will convert food waste into organic manure in earthen pots called Kambha. Rotary is planning to supply one unit per household, costing $13 per unit, and hopes to supply units to about 1500 houses at a cost of $20,000.

This is the 6th year that the York Light Orchestra has performed a fund raising concert sponsored by the Rotary Club, and the proceeds of this years concert will be put towards this project which will improve the quality of life of many people, especially children. For details of the previous sponsored charities, please click here

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